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Our Mission Statement

Provide quality entertainment while making friendships along the way through PVE, PVP and RP

Unsung Heroes is an adult gaming community that was established June 7, 2011. We originated in Rift and expanded our doors with the release of Final Fantasy XIV: ARR. We function as a gaming family that works together to have fun. While it is not required to play both games, we offer entertainment in both to the best of our ability. We offer friendship and unity, while seeking to have fun in our laid back atmosphere.

We are currently seeking players for both our Final Fantasy XIV Chapter here and our Rift Chapter!

In Final Fantasy we are working our our Roleplay group in our Vylbrand Academy setting and our active Coil teams! To get started please read our guidelines and click the Sign Up button to fill out an application!

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Changing of the guard, a new era.

Kylana, Aug 18, 14 12:53 AM.

Taken recently is one of our Unsung Heroes Society meetings, discussing plans and actions to be taken during one of our story-arcs. Which included assignments for specific missions.

Vylbrand Academy Monthly Newsletter: March!

trilbyhat, Mar 19, 14 7:17 PM.
Unsung Heroes Presently:


Vylbrand Times Monthly Newsletter!

Caption from “Despair Only Burns” Ch2 Unsung Heroes Story-Arc

March Edition


Fond Farewell... Welcome Aboard

First of all, I would like to welcome everyone that has joined us over the last few months. We've had a wild start and continuing to go strong. Every guild has a transition or pattern they go through and I'm proud of each of you all for sticking with us during times. With 2.2 around the corner, we can expect to see much more on the PVE side and even more on the RP side!

With that said, our first order of business is to wish Esh Arii, one of our officers who recently had to leave the best of luck. We hope one day you'll return to us and always be considered family! Once a USH'er, always a USH'er! In the recent shuffling of our officer staff, I'd like to welcome formally Z'attano, Nykkus, and Severin to our officer family. They've been tasked with many different duties and they are well suited for the job.

Raiding Agenda

Since August, we've been officially part of Final Fantasy 14. We've broke past 6 months and still going strong. For this I want to thank each of my members. As some things to look forward to in 2.2, we will be continuing to run Coil T1-5 to finish the content and allow players to see it all versus just rushing to the next tier. In addition, we'll be aiming to start T6-9 once we're geared and everyone is comfortable. We have currently three coil teams in place: One that runs from 7pm CST to 10pm, another that runs 9pm CST till 11 or 12 pending on how we feel past 11, and one that's currently forming that's TBA as far as times players are available. Currently, we have a number of spots open, while we prefer to take FC members first, we will be looking beyond the FC until the roles are filled in a timely manner.

Upcoming Events/Information

As per our calendar, we will continue to use it to place times that we'll be hosting events, whether it be PVE oriented things like primal night, fund-raising night with t-maps, or role-playing events. So please make sure that you access our Calendar as we post events weekly as they go. I also encourage everyone to come out and support Seer's race event March 23rd, Sunday at 2pm. It'll be a great time and I feel that we should represent ourselves as a whole at it the best we can.

More information about the Race here:

Forum links:

USH Site


We will try to do one solid public event for everyone to come, once a month. It may be a ball, a race, a tournament or a variety of things but we will need the FC as a whole's help to achieve these goals.

As for the Academy, classes for RP have resumed and there is folks ready to move up to the next tier. We'll post in the next newsletter from an in-character stand point those that are graduating and take a few screen-shots of that. Don't forget, classes aren't just sitting in a classroom, we do field-trips galore and the experiences are meant to motivate and delight! In addition, we will be focusing on some more Academic social events, fund-raising and other avenues in the near future to bring back that lively spirit of the Academy. Remember, social role-play is a lot of fun when done right! It allows folks to get to know your characters outside of the adventures and world!

Monday's Meditation Class 3/17/2014

In light of more social role-play, we will also be working on weekly or bi-weekly tavern night, which requiring volunteers to support us in our endeavor. A tavern night, in which Dryce has graciously offered to help run it in an icily level, giving folks that living bartender feel. It's designed to be a place of information, business, shady deals, and general social fun! We've located a tavern spot in a very nice location that we will be using and announce this further as we get closer to launching the grand opening of it.

Story-Arc Roleplaying

Chapter 2 continues to go strong with our attempt to maintain once a week dedication to this. It takes quite a bit of work dming and planning out the terrain we're going to use. One thing that I like to stress cautious, we like to use realism in the story arc and what characters do directly does affect the story and the outcome. I like to keep these stories semi-freeform for many reasons. I also like taking a scenario and seeing you the player run with it. We have a few more such as Ihrie that also enjoy creating dynamic immersive roleplaying with dming. So you'll never be bored on the adventures, stories, you name it.

We'll also be planning a side mission that will take the characters to another place, handling diplomacy and a sensitive mission. More details to come out. In addition, one of these story-arc chapters we'll be doing more of a public event for it that inevitably leads to a different perspective of roleplaying. I am holding back much information on this until the time arrives, all I will say is that Lord Iqyr is having a festival to celebrate the latest success of his projects, no one knows much about this guy – or what he's playing at!

Additionally, for players who want to jump into this deep immersive roleplaying, there is numerous ways to get the player or character involved. Don't hesitate to contact me. If folks are looking for an FC or even recently joined and want to join us through this story-arc, don't hesitate to contact me!


In order to continue to fund our roleplay town project, we're going to need folks to continue to help ont his agenda. There are numerous ways to donate from treasure map nights, leves, dungeon nights, and general things of that nature. We will also be continuing our lottery system that we've done in house, but we may eventually open it to a public forum as well.

Currently, we are at a bout 10.3 million gil, so we have a long ways to go. So with that, we're going to do some more public fundraising events such as another date auction, a masquerade ball, among other things. So don't forget to stop by and participate in these events! Additionally, we'll continue to roll out events on the public forums much like Seer has done with the previous date auction and race. Remember, these events take time to plan and prepare. We tend to talk about these events over a month in advance because we want to time it right for flexibility and making sure everyone has a great time!

Anyway, that's all for now. Don't forget, our guild meeting is tonight 3/19/2014 at 7:30pm CST! This concludes our monthly newsletter oocily. We'll try to roll out the April edition much sooner! If you got roleplaying or OOC articles you'd like to add! We'll fill it into these newsletters! Trololo is our editor for the In-Character Newsletter side of things but I'll be helping where I can!

Thanks again!

Elisea Renyven

Guildlead of USH

Headmistress of Vylbrand Academy


FFXIV: Welcome to 2014!

xelliexell, Jan 5, 14 3:30 AM.

We capped off the year in style, and now we're ready to meet 2014! BRANG IT!

PvE: We've been beating Titan HM up like woah! So many relics! Please keep helping your FC members out - with both endgame content, as well as the lower-level storymode stuff. For anyone interested in an all-FC Coil static, please see this thread.

RP: Please keep using the calendar to schedule and check for RP events! The Unsung Heroes plotline will be advancing, and there is planning in the works for academy classes, a Date Auction, and more!

FC Housing: The Holiday Raffle is over, but the character fanart/video contest is still in full swing (and it will be for some time yet!) Also, while I'm here, I'd like to address something I've seen lately.

A common theme I've noticed in the FC chat is that people tend to say "I would donate, except I don't really think my small donation would make a difference at all."

This is untrue! Even if it's only 1,000 gil, that is still 1,000 gil less that an officer or other donator would have to pay. The officers are working extremely hard on raising the funds for our house, but we also don't have any particular marketplace advantage over the average FC member. My only point is, while donations are not mandatory, every single one, no matter how small, is genuinely appreciated.

For more information on recent fundraising efforts (and a tally of how far we've gotten), please see our fundraising thread! Thank you for your time!
Coil Teams Recruiting!

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